Jason Freskos Shares 5 Reasons to Incorporate Yoga into Your Daily Routine

Jason Freskos

September 8, 2021

Jason Freskos Shares 5 Reasons to Incorporate Yoga in Daily Routine

Finding time for self-care or exercise can be a stretch. But, maybe that’s exactly what you need.

Yoga is more than just flexibility. While this is a major benefit, practicing yoga also leads to better physical, mental, and emotional health. Most of these improvements are proven and backed by science. In addition to being a broker and CEO, Jason Freskos is an experienced yoga instructor. Although there are countless benefits, the entrepreneur lays out his top five reasons yoga should be part of your health and wellness routine.

Builds Muscle Strength

Strong muscles aren’t just for looking good. Strength helps protect against chronic symptoms like back pain or even arthritis, primarily in the elderly. Multiple studies in the National Institutes of Health database found increases in upper body strength, stamina, and weight loss when participants performed foundational yoga poses regularly. It also helps posture and joint stability. Unlike at the gym, yoga balances any strength training with flexibility. Lifting weights alone restricts the range of motion over time, explains Jason Freskos.

Improves Heart Health

Even though you may look more fit, yoga’s greatest advantage is helping your heart. Any exercise that elevates your heart rate is a positive. However, yoga takes it to the next level. It minimizes several risk factors of heart disease. Most notably, avid yoga participants exhibit lower blood pressure and pulse rate.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety is the biggest stressor on the heart. At its core, yoga encourages you to relax. It incorporates breathing exercises, poses, and meditation designed to reduce stress and generates peacefulness. In fact, Jason Freskos says, several studies have revealed that the body produces fewer stress hormones in people who do yoga. Overall mental health is boosted through yoga, diminishing the impact of stress, fatigue, and depression.

Encourages Better Sleep

A relaxed mind is a restful one. With less worry and anxiety, yoga leads to deeper sleep. But this isn’t just about getting some shut-eye. Inadequate or poor sleep has been linked to severe health disorders, such as obesity and depression. Yoga practitioners fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, and feel more rested in the morning. As Jason Freskos points out, being less tired and more alert carries a lingering benefit all day long. And, the best part, this is available immediately. Even beginning yoga enthusiasts will experience these rewards.

Develops Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Move more. Eat less. The formula seems simple but is often difficult to put into practice. Yoga teaches mindfulness. This can inspire more awareness in other aspects of life too, especially in promoting healthy eating habits. Yoga has been proven to decrease binge-eating disorders, explains Jason Freskos. Yet, in less extreme cases, these exercises also increase physical activity and accelerate weight loss.