Jason Freskos

is the founder and CEO of both Sequoia Mortgage Capital as well as Sequoia Loan Servicing, both headquartered in Marin County, California. Sequoia is one of the largest private mortgage banks in California serving the investment community by providing alternative sources of financing for those unable to qualify at conventional banks.

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Mr. Freskos currently resides in Stinson Beach, California, and spends his time teaching yoga and growing food for local people in need.

Jason Freskos is developing a retreat center called the Amrita Retreat Center, which is a gathering place for those seeking to awaken spiritually. He also travels the world doing volunteer work.

In 2019 Jason Freskos started Sacred Source Botanicals to provide high-quality mushrooms and essential oils to those seeking natural remedies to boost their immune system. The company has taken off during the COVID crisis.

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Recent News

November 12, 2020

Jason Freskos Creates a Large Organic Garden to Feed Locals in Need

Philanthropist Jason Freskos recently created a large organic garden to feed nearby locals in need. Jason Freskos is a Stinson Beach local providing food for those in need. Recently, Freskos began growing a garden packed with fresh fruits and vegetables for those who are battling hunger during this time of economic downturn. The founder of […]

Jason Freskos
November 4, 2020

Targeting Underserved Mortgage Markets is a Priority for Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital

Jason Freskos, the founder and CEO of Sequoia Mortgage Capital, recently announced his company wants to target mortgage markets as conventional home loan financing sources begin to dry up. Many homebuyers and homeowners are locked out of traditional mortgages due to credit challenges, lack of liquidity, or financial hardship from the coronavirus pandemic. Jason Freskos […]

October 20, 2020

Jason Freskos Starts Sacred Source Botanicals Providing Access to High-Quality Natural Immune Boosters

Jason Freskos, the founder of Sacred Source Botanicals, discusses how his company provides access to high-quality natural immune boosters. Jason Freskos founded Sacred Source Botanicals in 2019. His goal was to provide the highest-quality essential oils and mushrooms to anyone seeking to boost their immunity through natural remedies. He created his company just in time, […]

October 12, 2020

Jason Freskos Teaches Free Yoga Classes at His Stinson Beach Retreat Center

Jason Freskos offers free yoga classes at his Stinson Beach retreat center. Jason Freskos is a yoga expert from Stinson Beach, California. Stinson is a pristine coastal town known as one of the state’s best-kept secrets. The beaches are expansive, and the views are ideal for healing or improving the mind, body, and spirit. Jason […]

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