Jason Freskos Recommends Seven Small Changes for Eating Fewer Carbs

Jason Freskos

September 29, 2021

Jason Freskos Recommends Seven Small Changes for Eating Fewer Carbs

Most of our favorite comfort foods contain carbs. But dieting doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

Eating fewer carbohydrates can reduce water weight and lead to lower caloric intake. Yet you don’t have to give up pasta, pizza, or chips entirely. A more moderate, mindful approach is potentially longer-lasting. Being selective about what you eat can create a better chance at meeting your dietary goals.

Jason Freskos understands the importance of a healthy diet more than most. In addition to his work as a founder and CEO, the entrepreneur also started a large, organic garden to feed those less fortunate in his community. 

Using this knowledge, Jason Freskos recommends seven small changes to your plate so anyone can eat fewer carbs and improve overall health. Most of which can be grown in your own garden.

Choose Cauliflower Rice

While tasty, traditional rice is loaded with carbs. Pick up a bag of cauliflower rice from the frozen food section instead. Saute with salt, pepper, and other seasonings. Mix in vegetables and a lean protein for a low-carb dinner. If cauliflower rice is too much alone, add in some brown rice to enhance the flavor.

Nix the Noodles

Switch whole wheat pasta with spaghetti squash or zucchini. These will fill the plate without leaving you feeling deprived. All you need is a spiralizer to make fresh squash or zoodles. While reducing carbs, these two meals are also high in fiber and low in calories.

Feature Fruit

Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit. Despite containing carbs, fruit also provides vitamins and natural fibers that encourage better digestion. Bananas, grapes, and strawberries are all delicious choices. Indulge with a little chocolate drizzle if you choose.

Opt for Oatmeal

Like fruit, oatmeal has carbs. However, these are substantially less than cereal. Oats produce Vitamin B, fiber, and protein without a lot of added sugar. Even better, oatmeal has been scientifically proven to suppress hunger longer. It’s also another opportunity to incorporate more fresh fruit.

Open-faced Options

Cut carbs in half by choosing an open-faced sandwich. By leaving a slice of bread behind, you are reducing carbs with each bite. Avocados and smoked salmon make for an elevated way to start your day.

Switch up Snacks

If you’re tired of fruit, there are other mid-afternoon treats. Avoid salty or fatty snacks. Popcorn, nuts, or crackers are convenient choices. Many companies produce 100-calorie packs to also assist with portion control.

Put it on a Plate

Portion size is always key. It’s difficult to keep track of how much you’re consuming when you’re eating handfuls straight from a bag or container. Jason Freskos encourages plating every meal. This increases awareness of your carb intake.