Targeting Underserved Mortgage Markets is a Priority for Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital

Jason Freskos

November 4, 2020

Jason Freskos Mortgage

Jason Freskos, the founder and CEO of Sequoia Mortgage Capital, recently announced his company wants to target mortgage markets as conventional home loan financing sources begin to dry up. Many homebuyers and homeowners are locked out of traditional mortgages due to credit challenges, lack of liquidity, or financial hardship from the coronavirus pandemic.

Jason Freskos – Opening New Pathways to Residential Financing

Jason FreskosJason Freskos and his team want to target these markets with alternative lending options offering hassle-free loan applications, lower interest rates, and affordable closing costs. Sequoia Mortgage Capital’s goal is to provide new lending opportunities for borrowers who can’t take advantage of today’s historically low-interest rates.

According to several industry experts, mortgage liquidity is a problem right now due to many borrowers’ inability to make their payments. This has led many banks and mortgage lenders to restrict their lending process for new borrowers.

Jason Freskos also sees this as a prime opportunity. Freskos recently explained that right now is an ideal time to invest in real estate. Mortgage interest rates are below three percent because of the pandemic, which presents a golden opportunity to make strategic purchases.

Unfortunately, potential home buyers or borrowers don’t have this opportunity. As mortgage rates continue to reach all-time lows and home prices continue to rise. Many aren’t able to qualify for a traditional home loan with lower rates or tap into any equity that could lead to smart real estate investments.

Jason Freskos Wants to Open Lending Doors

Many borrowers could stave off potential defaults, short sales, or foreclosures by refinancing their current home loan into a mortgage with much lower rates, which subsequently lowers their monthly loan payments. Other borrowers could use some of the equity they’ve built up and give them an injection of much-needed liquidity.

Since many lenders are tightening their home loan qualifying guidelines, Jason Freskos has made it a priority to open doors to those borrowers who don’t quite fit into today’s mortgage qualification model.

Home purchases and refinances are hitting record levels due to never before seen interest rates. However, many in underserved markets don’t have the capability, resources, or finances to take advantage of these prime borrowing opportunities.

Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital Hopes to Bridge the Gap

At Sequoia Mortgage Capital, Jason Freskos and his team want to bridge that gap. During the pandemic, elevated lending standards have created a huge divide between those who have access to conventional financing and those who don’t.

As one of the largest private commercial and residential lenders in California, Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital offer alternative financing options to those who can’t qualify for traditional financing.

Additionally, Jason Freskos and his team also offer lending opportunities to investors who don’t meet conventional banks’ qualifying guidelines.

Jason Freskos is the founder and CEO of Sequoia Mortgage Capital, currently headquartered in Marin County, California.