Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital Respond to Mortgage Liquidity Crisis With More Lending and Lower Rates

Jason Freskos

September 14, 2020

Jason Freskos Liquidity

Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital respond to the mortgage liquidity crisis with superior lending and lower rates.

Sequoia Mortgage Capital is one of California’s largest private mortgage banks serving investors. Jason Freskos, the founder of Sequoia Mortgage Capital and Sequoia Loan Servicing, recently discussed how the company is responding to the mortgage liquidity crisis in a way that benefits the investment community.

Right now, mortgage lenders in the U.S., are facing financial pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has been seen through ongoing liquidity stress, lower profitability margins, and declining asset quality. Jason Freskos recently explained that Sequoia Mortgage Capital has been responding to this crisis in the best way possible — through lower mortgage rates and more lending. 

“This is an ideal time to be an investor,” Jason Freskos said. “These incredibly low mortgage rates allow those in a place to invest in real estate an opportunity to make some very strategic purchases.”

Jason Freskos explained that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage had dropped below 3 percent for the first time since mortgage rates were recorded in 1971. This could be the lowest rate in history. Jason Freskos added that this means the financial times could be ideal for purchasing real estate.

Jason Freskos

“The volatile market has made some investors shy away from major purchases due to risk factors,” Jason Freskos said. “But now is the time to talk to us at Sequoia Mortgage Capital. Our rates are incredibly low, and we’re able to guide clients through the lending process from start to finish.”

Jason Freskos explained that he is a second-generation mortgage banker with experience in originating more than $1 billion in loans. In addition to being a mortgage banker, Jason Freskos is also a real estate and active trust deed investor with income properties throughout California. He explained that he understands his client’s aspirations and fears, because he does the very same type of investing that they do. 

“This mortgage liquidity crisis should be seen as an opportunity rather than a serious dilemma,” Jason Freskos said. “At Sequoia Mortgage Capital we’re able to streamline the mortgage  process, provide straight-forward loans extremely quickly and efficiently.”

Jason Freskos added that Sequoia Mortgage Capital has long been known for offering the best prices in the market, so these new, lower rates and easier loan creation process make choosing Sequoia a no-brainer for investors across California.