Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital Target Underserved Markets With Conventional Financing Sources Drying Up

Jason Freskos

September 21, 2020

Jason Freskos Finance

Jason Freskos and Sequoia Mortgage Capital target underserved markets as conventional financing sources dry up.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about numerous issues for traditional financial institutions. Sequoia Mortgage Capital, founded by Jason Freskos, is a lender prepared to step up to the plate when conventional financing sources are unable to perform. Jason Freskos explained that Sequoia Mortgage Capital is a unique portfolio lender with a specialty in commercial and residential real estate.

This lender is able to fund quality loans when other lenders and banks have been forced to turn down clients. Jason Freskos explained that these types of investors are less likely to be turned away from Sequoia Mortgage Capital, as the company does not require the borrower or property to meet traditional underwriting guidelines.

“We’re seeing a lot of traffic come our way, because we can succeed in creating loans when other lenders have already given definitive negative answers,” Jason Freskos said.

The financial hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic have led other financial institutions to turn away potential mortgage purchasers. However, Jason Freskos and the experts at Sequoia Mortgage Capital are well-versed in meeting unusual requirements, extremely fast closing times, and more. In fact, they can have a loan prepared in a matter of three days.

Jason Freskos explained that when people need unconventional loans, they often need them fast. He and his team have built an impeccable reputation on delivering loans efficiently and quickly, even when they don’t fit traditional standards. They’re able to do all of this at some of the lowest interest rates in the industry and based solely on protective equity.

Jason Freskos added that now is the time for investors to seek alternative financial sources, like Sequoia Mortgage Capital. The non-FICO driven approval process, loan amounts up to $3,000,000, and interest rates starting at just 7.99 percent make Sequoia a superior option when traditional financial institutions can’t succeed. 

“We specialize in helping with the acquisition of discounted properties, buying out partners, settlements, and even borrowing against properties listed for sale,” Jason Freskos said. “We’re able to accommodate clients the more conventional banks cannot accommodate.”

Jason Freskos urged anyone hoping to invest in commercial or residential property during the uncertain financial times of the coronavirus pandemic to contact Sequoia Mortgage Capital directly.

“We can evaluate your needs almost immediately and have a loan created in just a few days,” Jason Freskos said. “All types of residential properties for any type of purpose are considered.”