Jason Freskos Creates a Large Organic Garden to Feed Locals in Need

Jason Freskos

November 12, 2020

Philanthropist Jason Freskos recently created a large organic garden to feed nearby locals in need.

Jason Freskos is a Stinson Beach local providing food for those in need. Recently, Freskos began growing a garden packed with fresh fruits and vegetables for those who are battling hunger during this time of economic downturn. The founder of the Amrita Retreat Center has long been known for volunteering locally and around the world. He recently offered free yoga courses at his Stinson Beach retreat center as well.

Jason Freskos is the CEO of one of the largest private mortgage lenders in California, Sequoia Mortgage Capital. In addition to achieving great business success, Jason Freskos has been helping his local community thrive for years. His life is majorly focused on non-profit work and aiding the community through spiritual endeavors. His spiritual humanitarian interests can be seen through his business practices as well. He strives to create a positive and fair experience for all who enter Sequoia Mortgage Capital and Sequoia Loan Servicing.

Jason Freskos

Jason Freskos’ most recent endeavor to aid his community is through the expansive garden he has created to harvest natural, healthy foods for locals in need. Stinson Beach is located in Marin County– a county in which more than 1,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness. Jason Freskos has made it his goal, through his large organic garden, to help the homeless population, as well as others in need, receive the substantive, organic foods they need to achieve superior health and wellbeing.

“Marin County is seen as a wealthy area of the California coast,” Jason Freskos said. “But that’s what makes so many of these people suffering from hunger fall below the radar.”

Jason Freskos explained that there are so many families in Marin County that aren’t receiving the nutritious foods they need. His goal is to reach these individuals and families in a positive way without any stigma around hunger, homelessness, or financial difficulties. Jason Freskos welcomes people from all backgrounds and financial standings to come take advantage of his garden.

Jason Freskos is constantly working to improve the Stinson Beach community, and the area can expect to see more philanthropic efforts for him in the coming weeks, months, and years.