Jason Freskos Teaches Free Yoga Classes at His Stinson Beach Retreat Center

Jason Freskos

October 12, 2020

Jason Freskos Yoga California

Jason Freskos offers free yoga classes at his Stinson Beach retreat center.

Jason Freskos is a yoga expert from Stinson Beach, California. Stinson is a pristine coastal town known as one of the state’s best-kept secrets. The beaches are expansive, and the views are ideal for healing or improving the mind, body, and spirit.

Jason Freskos is offering free yoga courses at his Amrita Retreat Center in Stinson Beach. He created this center as a gathering place for those who want to awaken themselves spiritually. Jason Freskos is recognized for his generosity and volunteer work worldwide. It comes as no surprise that he’s offering his yoga courses for free.

“Everyone should have an opportunity to pursue yoga, awaken their inner spirit, and connect with the universe,” Jason Freskos said. “Free yoga courses open my retreat to people of all walks of life in a city and state where very little is free.”

Jason Freskos described the benefits of yoga for people of all ages. While many people know it can increase flexibility and muscle strength, yoga can also help relieve stress, calm the mind, and live in the present moment. 

“Once you get people into yoga, the positive feeling it creates is something they crave again and again,” Jason Freskos said. “I believe the more people who practice yoga, the better, as the world will become a more peaceful, positive place.”

Jason Freskos added that offering free yoga courses allows him to give back to his community. As the founder and CEO of Sequoia Mortgage Capital and Sequoia Loan Servicing, Jason Freskos spends plenty of time in the office.

In addition to teaching free yoga courses at Amrita Retreat Center, Jason Freskos travels the world performing volunteer work, including growing food for those in need within his own community. He also started the Sacred Source Botanicals company in 2019 to provide the highest-quality essential oils and mushrooms as natural remedies to boost the immune system.

Jason Freskos is a prime example of somebody trying to better his community with the resources he already possesses. Find out more about his free Stinson Beach yoga courses by contacting the Amrita Retreat Center.