Yoga Instructor Jason Freskos Discusses How Yoga Can Ease Anxiety and Depression in Times of Stress

Jason Freskos

December 2, 2020

Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently discussed how yoga can ease anxiety and depression in times of stress.

The year 2020 has been loaded with stress and anxiety for many citizens around the globe. Some have become ill or lost loved ones while others have faced unemployment and spent months apart from family. However 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have affected you, it’s likely there has been some stress, anxiety, and possibly depression involved. Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently offered a solution to stress and anxiety through the age-old practice of yoga.

“Research from the Harvard Medical Center suggests that yoga modulates the stress response, providing relief from stress-related health issues like anxiety and depression,” Jason Freskos said.

Jason Freskos explained that yoga combines mental and physical disciplines to help achieve a sense of peacefulness throughout the body. This peacefulness, achieved through performing certain yoga poses, breathing methods, and mediation practices, helps manage anxiety, stress, and depression.

“The famed Mayo Clinic has also released studies showing the link between yoga and stress reduction,” Jason Freskos said. “They’ve published that yoga has the ability to improve mood as well as your overall sense of well-being.”

As an esteemed yoga instructor in Stinson Beach, Jason Freskos and his students know that this research holds true. Certain yoga poses can relax the entire body, while controlled breathing can help a person control their thoughts and quiet the mind. Meditation is often present in yoga classes, and even a simple meditation for a few minutes can help a person become more mindful of the present moment — far from past or future stressors. This feeling of being aware of the present moment can last long after a yoga course is complete.

“The benefits of yoga are both mental and physical,” Jason Freskos explained. “The physical benefits of yoga can be just as stress and anxiety-reducing as the mental ones. Improved physical health and reduced pain as a result of yoga can greatly improve a person’s outlook on life.”

Jason Freskos added that yoga has been proven to reduce the risk factors for numerous chronic diseases, including high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also aid in alleviating insomnia and physical pain in many areas of the body.

“This year has been one filled with stress and anxiety for many people,” Jason Freskos said. “Yoga is a healthy and productive way to relieve that stress without the need for medical intervention. I welcome anyone and everyone to join my free yoga courses here at the Amrita Retreat Center in Stinson Beach.”
Jason Freskos finished by stating that yoga can be performed by all people of all ages. A practice can easily be adjusted to suit a person’s physical or other personal needs. He encouraged everyone to try yoga at least once, whether at his retreat center or another facility.