Yoga Instructor Jason Freskos Discusses the Top Yoga Podcasts Available Right Now

Jason Freskos

February 23, 2021

Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently discussed the top yoga podcasts you can listen to right now. 

STINSON BEACH, CA / The year 2020 has shifted many of us toward technology as opposed to in-person experiences. Of course, we’re all eager to return to yoga classes with our friends and other insightful in-person events. Although the recent rise in the COVID-19 virus cases has many of us realizing it may be a while until we can return to such normalcy. Yoga instructor Jason Freskos explained that technology can be put to great use with your yoga practice right now. He recently outlined the top yoga podcasts that are helping him stay motivated with his practice right now.

“Yoga podcasts are an ideal way to stay in tune with your practice, and you can enjoy them at any time of day,” Jason Freskos said. “I find that these podcasts help me stay mindful and present, which can be a difficult feat when battling California commute traffic.”

Jason Freskos explained that one of his favorite yoga podcasts right now is the Ashtanga Yoga Podcast supplied by Purple Valley. Purple Valley is a famed Ashtanga yoga retreat center in Goa, India. This center runs some of the most intensive retreats with senior-level Ashtanga yoga teachers from around the globe. Jason Freskos explained that the podcast includes content on anatomy, asana, fascia, and muscles, which can help you further understand how your yoga practice affects your body and your mind.

“The Yoga Life is another favorite of mine hosted by Kevin Boyle,” Jason Freskos said. “Kevin Boyle is one of the most experienced yoga teachers in the country, and I like that his content is always relatable no matter your yoga skill level.”

Jason Freskos added that The Yoga Life covers a wide range of yoga topics in its more than ten episodes, and he finds it most ideal for current yoga instructors or those aspiring to become instructors.

Jason Freskos finished by recommending Peter’s Podcast. The title may not make it stand out as a yoga podcast, but Freskos explained it’s one of the most enlightening yoga podcasts available. The host, Peter Ferko, is a senior-level yoga teacher in New York City as well as an author and an artist. He has an immense knowledge of yoga philosophy and scriptures, which is evident in every episode. Jason Freskos explained he appreciates that Peter covers topics like happiness and mediation alongside niyamas, yamas, and more. 

“Staying in touch with your yoga practice is more difficult in 2020,” Jason Freskos explained. “But these podcasts can help you stay motivated and in tune, even if you can’t head to in-person yoga classes just yet.”